Saturday, January 29, 2011

In the Beginning, there were 5 Girls....

Since a lot of people wanted to know we got started as The Booboo Girls. Here is our story.

The location: Orlando, FL. The event: The Twilight Convention.

December 2010. There was a meet and greet with Booboo Stewart with six lucky fans. Ashley, Tana, Marley and Keisha (yeah, that's me) were among the lucky few. We got along very well and had such an awesome time. We exchanged numbers and decided to meet up later at the Vampire Ball. We danced the night away in our little circle on the dance floor. We kinda got danced of the floor and onto the carpet near the stage (which just happened to be near the Stewart Family's table). We were totally dancing crazy and making jokes and Ashley noticed that Booboo was watching us. Of course. we tried to get him to dance but no luck. However, Fivel, Baby Sage and Renee were dancing with us for a while. 

Sunday morning was so depressing because Tana and Marley were leaving early. I introduced Aubrie to the others. We hung out the whole weekend. She blended right in with the rest of us. That's when I realized I met Tana at the Twilight Boston Convention. I ran around that convention so much and met so many people, it's kinda awful that my memory was that bad. Anyway, we took last minute pictures and said our goodbyes to Tana and Marley. Ashley, Aubrie and I stayed for the costume contest and Booboo's last Q&A. Then we finally said goodbye for the last time.

Of course, we kept in contact through Facebook and texts. When I got home, I had a few friend requests and messages asking if I was the Booboo girl or one of the Booboo Girls from the Ball. I kinda laughed it off, not thinking anything of it. But the other girls started getting similar messages and requests. So we had the best idea to just be the Booboo Girls. We started as 5 and due to some series of unfortunate events, one young lady departed the group. And there it was.....4 girls who came together and became the best of friends thanks to one person: Booboo Stewart.

I'm sure we would have been met later on, but everyone has a beginning and I'm proud of mines. I'm proud to be called a Booboo Girl.