Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ashley's Trip To Macon

Ashley traveled to Macon, Georgia to see Booboo Stewart and attend Abby's Dream Walk on Saturday (April 30). She had a blast, and she wanted to share some pictures with us. Please keep in mind that these pictures are tagged because we don't want anyone stealing them from us, especially without permission. (It's happened before!) We hope you enjoy the photos. Photo captions are at the bottom of every photo. These aren't in any type of order.

Ashley and Mr. Stewart

Ashley and Mrs. Stewart

Booboo At Abby's Dream Walk

                                            Booboo and Mrs. Stewart At The Vendor's Table

                                                       Booboo and Ashley Taking Photos

Ashley With Lisandra (@neverstoptyping)

Booboo Doing Something With A Card (No Idea)

Booboo Speaking On Stage

Booboo Walking To The Stage

Ashley & Booboo Doing Funny Faces

Booboo Walking

Booboo Rubbing A Card On The Carpet (No Idea)

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