Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Twi-Cast Thoughts On Winning MMA

MTV News caught up with a few members of the wolf pack, as well as Jackson Rathbone, after their final big win for Best Movie, and they expressed genuine surprise and lots of gratitude about how many awards the third "Twilight" film had racked up.

"I think 'Harry Potter' was definitely a contender tonight," Tinsel Korey said of perhaps their biggest competition in the Best Movie category. "I think some of us were a little bit nervous, but we have great fans and they're dedicated."

"I thought 'Inception' would have taken it," Kiowa Gordon admitted.

"Same here," Booboo Stewart agreed. 'I thought 'Inception' was going to win, [especially] Best Fight and all that."

"It's a crazy popularity contest thing," Alex Meraz added. "But I'm very happy we're on the winning side of it. The fans have been fantastic throughout all of this; it's been a good ride."

See these and more in the video below.

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