Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Booboo Stewart on Troix Magazine is Finally Out

It only 2 days late, but well worth the wait. Photographed inside an "haunted" hospital, this magazine has more ohhh's than ahhhh's. Check out the first 100% cover to cover Booboo Magazine. Thanks, Troix.

 Check out the whole magazine Here and Download a FREE copy of it as well.

TROIX (French slang for "Three More") is a cutting edge, entertainment and pop culture international DIGITAL & PRINT magazine with a huge cult following & available to viewers anywhere in the world. TROIX MAGAZINE will not overwhelm you with content. You come, you see, you listen. Then you go on with your busy young life--just a bit more fulfilled after getting a "fix" from TROIX. In between, we'll be feeding you a few hot & steamy morsels. After all, we wouldn't want you going into complete withdrawal, would we??


**PLEASE NOTE: That was our attempted at recreating the Troix Magazine title. Please do not steal it as it is not their actual title but a recreate done by The Booboo Girls. Thank You.**

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