Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Four Green Steps Winners Announced

The Theme - Participants were allowed to create a picture, write a poem or a story, write and perform a song, make a video or provide any other medium that addressed the question: If you could do only one thing to make the planet healthier, what would that be? 

The Winners of the Reach for the Stars Competition are:

High School Winner:
Greengates School, Mexico
Teacher: Sarah Palmer
Form 3, F3SP, (Video)

Elementary School Winner:
Edward Murphy Elementary, Canada
Teacher: Rocco Speranza
Combined levels, (Posters)

Congratulations to both winners!

The Prize
The winners will be awarded a live chat session with Four Green Steps' celebrity ambassadors Booboo Stewart (Seth Clearwater of the Twilight Saga) and fashionista/singing sensation, Fivel Stewart. Four Green Steps president, Jaye Yarrow, will mediate the 20 minute Skype session. Booboo and Fivel will talk about the winning submissions and then take questions from the students.

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