Friday, February 18, 2011 Interview with Booboo Stewart Booboo Stewart Twilight: Breaking Dawn Interview

Rebecca Murray from Hollywood Movies at the World Premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' Unknown. BooBoo Stewart stars as the young werewolf Seth Clearwater in 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn,' and on the red carpet at the 'Unknown' premiere, Stewart talked about life on the set and what fans can expected from the final two films.

BooBoo Stewart - 'Seth Clearwater' in

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Why aren't you filming?
BooBoo Stewart: "I'm actually...I've been back and forth, and I'm leaving for a long period of time soon."
What can you tell me has gone on so far?
BooBoo Stewart: "Well, it's hard to say. We're doing two films at once, so it's really confusing. We're going back and forth between movies. But Bill Condon, he is awesome on set. Because, you know, that's a hard job. Filming just doing one movie is a hard job, nevertheless two movies at once, so it's extremely hard. And having such a big fan base like you can not ruin the franchise or you will... If they ruin it, it would be horrible. But he's doing an awesome job and is really keeping it organized."
How has the atmosphere on the set changed from the last one to this one? Are people more relaxed or are they feeling the pressure?
BooBoo Stewart: "You know, there's some people who are the same on set. A lot of new cast members, if you read the books there's a lot of new cast members... I'm waiting for Liam Neeson. But there's a lot of new cast members so you know there's a lot of new people to meet so there's fresh face. I'd have to say I'm pretty fresh on the set, because last time I only filmed for a little bit. But, yeah, it's just two different atmospheres I guess."
Is it also different because I assume there's going to be a lot more green screen?
BooBoo Stewart: "Yeah, there's a lot of green screen. You know, for actors it's harder to work with I think because you don't have an environment around you. But it was also something that's really fun to experiment with."
Have you seen any special effects yet?
BooBoo Stewart: "I've seen drawings, but I can't say. It's going to look good."
That's just it - you can't ever really say anything when we talk about these Twilight films before they're released.
BooBoo Stewart: "I know. I know. It's coming out November 18th."
You know, people are really pissed that it's taking a year in between.
BooBoo Stewart: "I'd be really pissed too. But, you know, I wish I could change that but I can't."
Is the final film going to sum the series up well?
BooBoo Stewart: "Yeah, I think people are really going to like it. The scripts, they stick really great to the books and I think people are really, really going to love it."



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