Friday, August 12, 2011

Chemical Magazine Interviews Booboo Stewart

Star of The Twilight Saga, Booboo Stewart catches up with Chemical Magazine to talk Breaking Dawn, Martial Arts and his music career! Check out the interview here.

Chemical Magazine: Hey, how are you?
Booboo Stewart: Doing great thanks, how are you?

Chemical Magazine: So obviously your a part of the huge Twilight franchise, what is it like to work in such a successful series of films?
Booboo Stewart: It feels really good to be part of something I can look back at in the future and say wow I was a part of that

Chemical Magazine: If you had to choose, which of the Twilight movies was the best to film?
Booboo Stewart: Breaking Dawn part 1

Chemical Magazine: You have currently just finished filming Twilight – Breaking Dawn, how did that go for you?
Booboo Stewart: It was fantastic being on set and hanging out with the rest of the cast. Plus Bill Condon is an amazing director along with being a really nice guy.

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