Sunday, February 19, 2012

Interview With the Werewolf: Booboo Stewart

by Lauren Harby

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Twilight actor Booboo Stewart to promote to DVD release of Breaking Dawn: Part 1. Stewart, 18, was cast as the role of Seth Clearwater appearing first in Eclipse. Other than acting, Stewart is also an experienced musician.

Clad in a plaid t-shirt, donning a white watch and various other forms of bracelets on his wrist, Booboo’s sense of style reflected his personality - laid back and down to earth. Once we got familiar with our surroundings, I began my interview:

What was your initial reaction when you gained the role in Eclipse?
BS: I auditioned for the part, and there wasn’t anything for a month, and then I got the call saying I got the part. It was pretty intense, after a month of waiting I didn’t think I’d get it…when my agent told me I got the part, I was screaming.

 How did it feel to work with such big names (Kristen and Rob) on the project?
It was really crazy to think that you’re on the set with some of the biggest stars…We don’t call each other to hang out, but when we see each other we are on good terms.

Who did you hang out with on set the most?
I hung out with the crew most of the time because they’re so nice in Canada.

How much more of Seth will we get to see in Breaking Dawn Part 2?
I actually have no idea. There are so many new characters involved in the franchise. You’ll get to meet a lot of more people.

What is your favorite movie?
Goodfellas….and A Bug’s Life!

If you had to chose between acting and singing, which would you chose?
It would be acting. Because then I could still play a singer in a movie.

Where do you see yourself when you’re 50?
It would be really cool to be directing movies.

Who’s your favorite lyrical artist?
Weezer, I love their lyrics. Bowling for Soup, the lyrics are very funny.

Team Edward of Team Jacob?
This is really hard. I have to pull a Team Switzerland on this one!

 How was it like to tour with Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers?
It was really cool to be surrounded with these people. I’m actually going back out on tour in March with my sister, Fivel. The tour is called the Digitour. It’s a tour of different Youtube artists, luckily we have been picked.

 What projects do you have coming up, besides the tour?
When I come back from the tour, I’m actually going to be filming a horror movie, in 3D!

Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is currently out on DVD. You can catch Stewart in the final installment of the Twilight Saga in Breaking Dawn: Part 2 out on November 16th 2012.

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