Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fearnet Interviews Booboo Stewart & Julia Jones

Twilight is about two factions: the werewolves and the vampires. Those crazy kids can never seem to get along. Two of the film's werewolves, Julia Jones (who plays Leah) and Booboo Stewart (who plays Leah's younger brother Seth) break away from the pack to tell us about Breaking Dawn.

First off, Booboo... who named you?

Booboo Stewart: My parents. They gave me that nickname when I was a baby. My real name is Nils Allen Stewart Jr.

What are the advantages of being a wolf?

Julia Jones: For a female, it's not the best situation. I think it is fun to be around guys all the time, and it is a very familial situation, and it is wonderful to be in the woods. Outside of that... there aren't very many advantages. You can't have children, and it is hard to feel feminine. The whole pack mind-reading thing is weird, too. For a guy, it is cool, but for a girl, I think the cons far outweigh the pros.

How did you get cast in this movie?

BS: I was in a Walt Disney music group and when that ended, fans were telling me about this Seth Clearwater character. So I told my agent and he managed to get me in for a callback. The auditions were already done, and I was literally the last to be seen for the callbacks. It was just a really fun audition. The casting director and I had a lot of fun in the room. People always ask if I had to act like a wolf in the room. No, I didn't. I probably would not have gotten the role if I had to act like a wolf.

JJ: I had a relationship with casting director. She actually cast me in a movie the first day I arrived in LA, called Black Cloud. She called, and I auditioned. Then I went back and auditioned for a whole room of people. Then I didn't hear anything for a month. She called and said I was on the short list, then four days later, I got it.


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