Friday, March 4, 2011


    The Booboo Girls will be holding their first ever public Tinychat tonight at 8pm (EST), 7pm (CT), and we want YOU there! If you want to join, you must have a password ( we will Tweet it on our Twitter - ) . If you do not live in the US, and want to join in on the fun, you may contact us through Twitter, and we'll help you figure out what time it is going to be at where you live. Hope to see you there!

    The Booboo Girls 

PS: There will be a limited # of guests allowed due to spam and just too many people in a Tinychat make things a little less fun. We may prevent you to use cams or mics if there are too many people. Please be aware that sometimes people can hack into chat rooms, and not everyone on Tinychat is "appropriate". We are not responsible for the stuff that happens during the Tinychat that we cannot control. Hopefully there will be no mishaps, and we'll all have a great time. :)


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