Sunday, March 6, 2011 Interview w/ Booboo and Fivel


Tommy2: Hey what’s up it’s Tommy2 and this afternoon we’ve got two very special siblings checking in with us. It’ Booboo and Fivel Stewart. How are you two doing today?
Fivel Stewart: Great!
Booboo Stewart: We’re doing really good. You?

Tommy2: Good, it’s always interesting here at Tommy2.Net. Now you two have been busy… like recently you made an appearance at NAMM. Did you guys have fun there?
Fivel Stewart: Yeah, it was really fun. We love going to NAMM.
Booboo Stewart: NAMM is truly crazy and a lot of people.

Tommy2: Did you guys see any new toys there worth mentioning?
Fivel Stewart: Oh yeah, there’s a lot of guitars, drums, everything really to see… they’ve got every instrument there.

Tommy2: And you’re busy promoting an upcoming 11 song album, by the name of Change. Has that been completed yet?
Booboo Stewart: No, we’re actually in the middle of writing the songs right now. You know we’re co-writing with this guy names James Lugo and Greg Sartiano and we’re just having a really good time.

Tommy2: Now so far you guys have any favorite songs you could mention on the project and why?
Fivel Stewart: We’re still in the process of writing them so, I mean we like all the songs so far, but you never know. We can like any of the songs thought.

Tommy2: About six months ago you guys posted a music video for Rainy Day. Is that a good representation of the sound you guys are going for yeah.
Booboo Stewart: Oh yeah definitely, and you know we’re actually having a big span of music now. We’ve added more electric like…
Fivel Stewart: Yeah, we were going for Alternative Rock but now we’re going a little more…
Booboo Stewart: Electric… Electric/Alternative Pop Rock. It sounds, it sounds cool.

Tommy2: And both of you are all playing instruments on it?
Fivel Stewart: Yeah, my brother plays guitar – he sings, I play piano – I sing, and my older sister Megan plays the bass.
Booboo Stewart: And we’re also doing some drums too.

Tommy2: Will we be seeing any more music videos in the future?
Fivel Stewart: Oh yeah, most definitely.

Tommy2: Both of you have actually been performing music for quite some time. Booboo I first met you in T-Squad and not long after that I had heard about Fivel’s act No Allowance.
Fivel Stewart: Yeah!

Tommy2: Did you two perform together much as kids?
Booboo Stewart: Actually, no. I mean we did Karate, but that was, that’s a little different. But that’s pretty much the only thing we did together I think…
Fivel Stewart: Yeah!
Booboo Stewart: We just did our karate.

Tommy2: Aside from the music, you two have quite lengthy resumes in terms of acting jobs. Why don’t you give an example of one your favorite jobs you’ve worked?
Booboo Stewart: My favorite one is probably Twilight.

Tommy2: Okay how about Fivel
Fivel Stewart: Singing is, I mean I love acting but at the same time singing is like a lot to my life, so I mean I enjoy it.

Tommy2: Since you just mentioned that you guys both have some crazy Martial Arts skills, I was wondering with Booboo’s new emergence in Wrestling, if you guys had a cage match here, who would win?
Booboo Stewart: Oh my…
Fivel Stewart: Oh man… yeah, I don’t have to!
Booboo Stewart: My sister would have to, because I couldn’t punch her.

Tommy2: You’re to nice! And what would her finishing move be?
Fivel Stewart: I’d sit on his head!

Tommy2: That’d be the Fivel Squash?
Fivel Stewart: (Laughter)

Tommy2: Now getting back to you music, what types of music are you guys both checking out these days?
Booboo Stewart: My favorite band is Boston, definitely!
Fivel Stewart: I like Pink.

Tommy2: And as for the future in terms of your acting, what do you guys have coming up in the future?
Fivel Stewart: We actually have a movie called Jake Stevens coming out.
Booboo Stewart: It’s a Super Hero film, it should be really fun. I’ve never done Super Hero film before and yeah, we’re just really excited.
Fivel Stewart: And we’re doing Guardians of Luna it’s and animated movie and it’s our first time doing animation so that should be really cool.

Tommy2: Alright, it’s been great to hear from you and hopefully we’ll be running into another at party again soon. Thanks so much for your time Booboo and Fivel.
Fivel Stewart: Thank you!
Booboo Stewart: See you Tom.

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