Sunday, March 27, 2011

Six Stages of Followers

Booboo Stewart is one of the youngest teen wolves on the set of the Twilight series. Just recently, his mother recieved text messages from "Booboo", not the real one but a poser. After a while, she realized it wasn't him. Mama Stewart was very upset that someone would violate her like that. It was absolutely rude and totally unneccessary. 
So due to recent events, I have wrote the SIX STAGES of FOLLOWERS.

A Fan is a person, or group of people who likes something or someone. Usually, this starts as a crush (for a person). They tend to buy a shirt, or other merchandise but don't usually go out of their way to attend a concert or event.

A Supporter is a step up from a fan. This type of follower tends to give up a lot of time and money to attend concerts and event that the celebrity appears. Most followers stay in this area. Family member are usually number one in this category.

Stalkers are unauthorized followers and surveillance of an individual, to the extent that the person's privacy is unacceptably intruded upon, and the victim fears for their safety.

Hater is a person who expresses intense feelings of hatred or spite, when the reason for this is perceived as unreasonable or stupid. Every celebrity has a hater. Let haters hate. If it ever get out of hand, notify the autorities immediately.

Poser is a person who pretends to be someone else, like a celebrity. This type of follow is very dangerous. They are usually very malacious. They will try to use what information they know about the celebrity to get personal information from fans and supporter. STAY AWAY FROM POSERS.

Predators are individuals or a group that hunts down a person in order to bring physical harm to them. Hopefully, we never see this type of person. Like EVER. If you see or know someone that fits this description, notify security or the police immediately. DO NOT APPROACH. EVER.

For the most part, we recognize Booboo followers as fans and supporters. However, please make sure you do not cross the line to stalker. Booboo Stewart and his family are very open individuals. Please do not take Please respect their privacy and their space, the same way they do with you. We wouldn't want to lose our favorite family because of a few 'bad seeds'. Thanks, Everyone. 

~The Booboo Girls

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