Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Haunting Hour: Pool Shark - Chat Party

This is Our Official Chat Party for the premiere of the Haunting Hour: Pool Shark.

The Chat Party will start at April 16, 2011 at 7:30pm EST & 4:30pm PST

The Haunting Hour series will start at 8:30pm EST & 5:30pm PST

Location: The Booboo Girls Chatroom - http://tinychat.com/booboogirls5

We will be broadcasting and chatting throughout the entire eposide and even after party recap. Make sure your TV is tuned to the HUB Network.

Comcast:   Channel 130
Direct TV:  Channel 294
Dish Network:  Channel 179/888

There's are the channels in my neighborhood. Yours might be different. PLese check the hub website for your correct channel. http://www.hubworld.com/channel-locator

*Due to Broadcoasting rights, we cannot show actual eposide in our Chatroom. Sorry. But I'll try to describe s much of it as possible during commerical break.*

See You There.


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