Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MTV Reveals "Most Anticipated Newcomer"

Of course, it is no shocked to us that Booboo Stewart is the Most Anticipated Newcomer to the Twilight Series. According to Fandango, thirty-three of "Eclipse" ticket buyers agree with us. He beat out fellow co-stars Xavier Samuel (Reily), Jodelle Ferland (Bree) and wolf-mates Tyson Houseman (Quil) and movie sister Leah, played by Julia Jones.

'Said Fandango editor-in-chief Chuck Walton, "It’s a surprising choice, as [Booboo] doesn’t get much screen time in 'Eclipse.' You would have thought that the fans would get more worked up over Xavier Samuel as Riley, a meatier role, or to see Jordelle as Bree, since her character has a entire story named after her…but never bet against the growing cult of Team Jacob, his Wolf-Pack Pals, and the burgeoning fan base for Team Seth."... Walton goes on to say that many fans see young Stewart as "the new Taylor Lautner." And although he's not a big part of "Eclipse," Stewart's role in "Breaking Dawn" is described as "meatier." As Walton says, "There’s already a bunch of Team Seth fan sites out there."'

Yes, there are. We aren't just Team Seth, We are Team Booboo and We aren't going anywhere.


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