Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Naturally Savvy interviews Booboo & Fivel

We had the opportunity to speak to Booboo and Fivel Stewart, two up and coming actors (you can catch Booboo in the popular Twilight trilogy).  Here's what they had to say about living a natural and green lifestyle:

Naturally Savvy Question (Andrea): How do you maintain balance while working on a movie?
Booboo and Fivel: For both of us, when we are on set and not filming we spend a lot of time doing school work and plus our family is always around. Most sets have fruit, nuts, and vegetable platters – sometimes a good choice of juices – and always water.

Naturally Savvy Question (Andrea): How do you feel your life has changed for the better since working on the Twilight series and how do you stay grounded?
Booboo: Well, I get noticed more (laughing) and I have been given so many cool opportunities I wouldn’t have had before. I get to travel to places that I had just read about…my family definitely keeps me grounded.

Naturally Savvy Question (Andrea): Do you find that the younger generation of actors are concerned about what they eat and/or where it comes from (i.e. locally sourced vs. not)?
Booboo and Fivel: We think our generation in general is more conscious of what they eat.

Naturally Savvy Question (Andrea): What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
Booboo: I eat really healthy and go to the gym 6 days a week. When I have down time if I’m not playing my guitar or drums I am outside.
Fivel: I go to the gym a lot too, and take dance classes whenever I can. I don’t eat meat – just fish and I try to eat a lot of vegetables.

Naturally Savvy Question (Andrea): What eco-conscious things do you do in your life?
Booboo and Fivel: We both are conscious of water use, we turn off lights and computers when we aren’t using them and we recycle.

Thanks Booboo and Fivel!


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