Friday, April 1, 2011

Launter is out; Stewart is in ***UPDATED***


Updated: April 2, 2011
I would like to apologize for anyone who fell for our little April Fool's joke. This is what we came up with and here's a few hint on why this was not even possible.


According to source, Taylor was under a lot of pressure these past few weeks and yesterday he and director, Chris Weitz,  had a serious falling out. Taylor stormed off the set and Chris quickly replaced him  with their youngest wolf, Booboo Stewart. When asked about the fans reaction, this is what Weitz had to say. "Taylor wants to quit, let him. The show must go on, and no one else is more perfect than Booboo Stewart. Team Booboo." Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but don't be surprised to see Booboo Stewart take the Twilight crown from you, Taylor.

1. Chris Weitz isn't the director of Breaking Dawn, Bill Condon is the director.
2. Taylor Lautner is just a sweetheart. He worked to hard to quit. Are You Nuts? 
3. The cast was off for a couple of days. They were no where near the set yesterday.
4. Chris Weitz saying Team Booboo. That was so us. Sorry, we are Booboo Girls.

Sorry, if anyone got upset or confused about this. Hope this clears up anything. Taylor Lautner is Jacob, Booboo Stewart is Seth and ALWAYS will be. End of story. April Fools.

source <----Did anyone even bother checking the source? Here's some help.

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  1. LOL. Yeah, April Fools to you too. I like Boo Boo, he is a great artist and really great person, but there is no comparing him to Taylor Lautner when it comes to acting and taking on the role as Jacob. Good try though. :-)