Sunday, July 3, 2011

Aussie Twilight Mums Interviews Booboo Stewart

By Sonya Bigg

Well, I had a wonderful day yesterday with Boo Boo Stewart. I had a whole hour with him and his security guard (and Dad) Nils.

Here are the questions I asked and answers:

1. What movie are you currently doing?
He is currently doing a movie but cannot give out that information yet.

2. Are you on facebook or twitter?
Yes he is, his facebook page is The Real Booboo Stewart and his twitter page is mammarazzi1.

3.What do you think of Australia?
He liked Australia.

4.What are your hobbies?
Playing Xbox, drums, guitars and drawing.

5 How old are you?

6.Do you have any pets?
He has a poodle named pookie.

7. Favourite label of clothing?

8.Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Three sisters, Sage, Fivel and Maegan

9.How did you cope with the long hours of filming?
Reading comic books, espically Walking With The Dead series comics.

10. Favourite movies?
Mafia movies and The Crow

11. Favourite actor?
James Caviezel, he hasn't meet him yet would like to.

12. What did you think of the weather over here?
A little cold.

13. Have you visted any attractions here in Australia?
Fairy penguins at Phillip Island as well as meeting and seeing friends here.

14. How long are you in Australia for?
He is going back to LA on the fifth of july.

15. what are you over here for?
Publicity for Breaking Dawn and for his album called Summer which him and his sister Fivel have done together.

16. The last question of the day was have you been doing any more interviews today ?
He had one more after me.

How I found the experience:

I found BOO to be the most friendliest polite young man. I took photos which you can now see. He autographed my Breaking Dawn t-shirt and my New Moon and Esclispe novels. He drew a picture of a man for my 9 year old son and autographed that also. His security guard had a laugh or two, it was the most enjoyable experience interviewing Boo. I believe this young man is very talented, not just in his acting but his singing as well. And now even though I am Team Edward I think I will be Team Seth also.

- Sonya

source via Aussie Twilight Mums Facebook

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