Thursday, July 21, 2011

Twilight Co-Stars Surprise Fans at Comic Con

Ashley Greene, and Nikki Reed, along with costars Booboo Stewart and Julia Jones, are making a play for the most fan friendly members of the Breaking Dawn cast! The quartet woke up bright and early July 21 to get down to Comic-Con and take pictures, sign autographs, and even pass out breakfast to fans in line at 7 am! So sweet!

A fan at Comic-Con tells HollywoodLife; “Ashley, Nikki, Booboo and Julia passed out water, muffins and bananas to everyone waiting for the panel. They even took pictures and signed autographs for everyone waiting!”


Elizabeth Reaser was also present signing autographs and taking pictures. I'm not really sure why this article did not mention her, but Mama Cullen beat the heat to greet fans.

"I feel like this is our time to get out and have actual experiences with fans," Reaser said. "Being out here with them makes me feel the films are special, important and really mean something to them."

How many other TV and/or Movie stars did that?

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