Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Booboo Stewart's Trip to Australia

Booboo Stewart took a week long trip to Australia.
Here is a quick run down of his adventure.

6/29/2011 - @Penguinparade at Phillips Island this place is so cool

6/29/2011 - haha penguins are cool

6/29/2011 - having a great time in australia

6/29/2011 - Hangin at Mistys cafe in Melbourne with her and her daughters.
So cool. Everyones gotta come eat here

6/30/2011 - gmornin--heading over to the Brig/Lehmo show in a minute
via The Real Booboo Stewart FB

6/30/2011 - gunna interview with Sonya from @twilightmums today,,
so cool hi to all the twilight mums!

7/1/2011 - ice skating in Melbourne at the Ice House,,
this place is really COOL haha 

7/1/2011 - Haha. No laughing. HA. The Ice House in Melbourne rocks

7/1/2011 - Getting better. Ha

7/2/2011 - Sydney here i come,,,,
--This picture is a BBG Design.--

7/3/2011 -  @mammarazzi1 is on live with #kerrianne now! @KerriAnneShow

--Screen Shots from the interview--

7/3/2011 - just finished an interview with @GirlfriendMag magazine

7/4/2011 - interview with MovieFix
7/6/2011 - HOME!! feels good to be home my room my family
missed everyone alot gunna go get some chinese buffet haha

Thank you, Booboo Stewart, for taking us on an awesome trip.

source via @Mammarazzi1

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